6 Wedding Day Tips + Hacks for Brides + Bridesmaids

Being a wedding photographer over the last 10 years, I’ve learned a thing of two about how to get effortlessly gorgeous photos of the bride and her crew on wedding day. I’ve also learned some tips on how to deal with a new experience and how to manage things easier, so I’m spilling the tea on tips that I share with my brides + bridesmaids!

1. Floral Placement

Okay so you’re holding a bouquet all day but like how should you be holding it?!

My biggest tip for brides + bridesmaids for holding their bouquet, is to hold the stems right on top of your belly button. If you have a bigger or longer bouquet, hold it even lower. The reason for this is so we can see the top of the dress! We wanna see that chest babe, and all the gorgeous detailing on that neckline on your dress. Most ladies tend to hold them higher naturally and sometimes you don’t realize you are even doing it. So try your best to relax your arms and just let them flowers sit comfortably low. I promise you your arms will thank you later!

2. Walking down the isle

It can be rather nerve racking, right? You feel like all eyes are on you. But wheather your a bride or a bridesmaid it’s important to remember a couple of things. Floral placement, like i mentioned above. If your linking arms with someone while walking down, make sure to keep in mind to lower your florals. I’ve seen many brides and bridesmaid almost cover their face while walking down with their flowers, so keep it in your head to lower them. Your first thought will also probably be to look down because you’re trying to make sure you don’t trip over your dress. That’s normal, i promise. But try your best to take a moment to look up at the photographer or just straight ahead in the direction you’re walking. Keep a smile on your face as much as you can until you get in line, even if you’re nervous!

3. Walk in a circle

Say what??? lol. If you’ve got a long train or a long dress, this tip you will love me for. If you ever have to walk backwards in your dress or turn around in and and don’t want to step all over it, walk in a circle. When you walk in a circle instead of backing up, your dress will trail behind you. Amazing right?! You’ll thank me later for that one!

4. Bring extra comfy shoes and the right shoes for the location

This is a big one for bride and bridesmaids. We all want that big heel that makes a statement, but let’s be real sis, that shit hurts your feet after a while. Bring a pair of backup shoes for after the ceremony. Flats, converse, vans, docs, birkenstock’s, whatever will make your feet feel a little better. Another big tip that goes along with this is KEEP YOUR LOCATION IN MIND. If you’re getting married at a ceremony site with grass, it might not be the best option to wear a stiletto heel. you will sink right in. This is smart to let your bridesmaids know to wear heels that are a bit thicker on the heel.

5. Get some emergency bridesmaids/bridal kits

Yo, this one is a LIFE SAVER. So if you can’t think about all the things you may need or maybe don’t even want to think about any mishaps while getting ready or throughout your day, these kits will save your life and you and your party need them. I have seen wedding parties do this in the past and it has come in handy. I highly suggest this one from Amazon, which includes things like: sewing kit, hair spray, bobby pins, tampons, double sided tape, floss, deodorant, earring backs. This list goes on. If anything goes wrong, this kit has you covered.

6. Don’t stress about the little things and have FUN!

Of course i can’t leave you here without telling you to make sure you are your bridesmaids HAVE FUN and go with the flow. We’re having a stress free day no matter what happens! Work together to make everything go smoothly and don’t get too caught up in the little details and enjoy your day with your besties by your side. Take a deep breathe together and cheer each other on because it’s one of the best days of your life!



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