- I'm a 5'3 hippy chick who avidly only wears black sometimes with a splash of color!
- I love telling people i'm a Taurus even though I never really got into horoscopes.
- I'm horrible at math and I like to tell myself that everyone is to make myself feel better!

I'm big on making every moment count to its fullest extent and applying it to each and EVERY wedding I shoot!

Hi! Erica here.


CanDid + Unposed
Human connection
Experience over production
WARM Style
INCLUSIVE + Accepting
to all
NOn judgemental

How I Groove

I can give you the “I’m not like other girls” speech but I won’t. So instead I will explain to you:
- I’m real + honest and have open communicate often with my couples!
- I understand that you and your honey have probably never taken photos before and you might be awkward but i specialize in helping camera shy couples by using prompts and movement to get you and your partner to get comfy  in front of the lens!
- I give guidance and help you find vendors, give you recommendations and suggestions on the journey until your wedding day. 
-I’ll bust moves on the dance floor and even sing out “BUH BUH BUH” during Sweet Caroline (I’ll try not to embarrass myself completely)
- I will get to know the two of you for WHO YOU ARE so we get those BOMB real moments on your wedding day.
-You will gain me as a friend in the process!

How I work..

Yo, I have a real burning passion for living beings. I probably sound like a hippy saying this but I mean it!!  I am a vegan, cat lover that loves to normalize mental health... and I LOVE HUMAN INTERACTION + ENERGY. 

Seriously. I have always been a social butterfly and project into my photography. I believe your wedding should feel like the first day you met your partner. That awesome feeling of butterflies in your stomach, anticipation for the first kiss. No stress to get in the way and a Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographer to remind you that no stress is worth forgetting about that feeling!! I want to walk you down the aisle of the wedding process (like my pun there?!) I want to watch you two THRIVING on your wedding day.

More about Erica..

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