3 Ways to Make Your Engagement Session Personal

Engagement sessions are were all the ~magic~ goes down. The excitement anticipating to get married! Engagement sessions are all about showing the love between the two of you and it’s a fun way to get creative together and celebrate! Here’s your chance to get a little inspired before the big day and make your engagement session about the TWO of you!

You want cute photos of the two of you but you also want to make it about you and your partner. You want it to be special and unique to you both. But, how the hell do you do that? I GOT YOU.

So here’s 3 ways on how to make your engagement session UNIQUE to you and your honey:

1. A special location that’s personal to both of you.

It’s time to put your thinking caps on and take a stroll down memory lane real quick! Think deep into your relationship of some of your most fun times together. Where did you spend them? Where did you first meet? Where was your first date? What is a place that holds a lot of value to you two? Talk together and think about what places are the staples in your relationship and start from there. Jae + Chris choose Union Lodge no 1 as their location in downtown Denver. They met there for the first time when Jae came to enjoy a drink at the bar and happened to meet Chris there that night! (Okay but how cute??)

2. An activity you both love doing together

What is your favorite thing to do together? Side note: it doesn’t have to be something grand or adventurous. It’s truly about what you love doing together. It can be sitting on the couch cuddled up playing video games or having a drink at your favorite bar! For Olivia + Tyler, their activity is going to concerts together! Specifically seeing their favorite artist, Zed’s Dead. They choose Red Rock’s Amphitheatre for their location because they got engaged there during a Zed’s Dead set. They wore their Zed’s Dead jersey’s for their outfits for our session! (Which is amazing by the way, Zed’s Dead Baby!!!) They both bond over their love for electronic music. What better way to show that then wearing their jersey’s in the venue they got engaged at?! 

3. Bring props or your pets!

Say you still want to do your engagement session somewhere in a beautiful location but want to bring some fun stuff with you. LIKE SOME BEER AND YOUR PUPS? Um, yeah DUH. Nothing like spicing up your engagement session than bringing along a little something extra. I’m a huge fan of bringing along whatever you would like to make it feel more comfy for you. Crack open some champagne and let’s celebrate! Frolic through the meadow with your German Shepard? um yes please. Lauren + Shawn wanted a gorgeous Colorado backdrop but wanted to bring their children (their pups) and crack open a cold one. They love a good beer + the company of their pups since their dogs are their whole world! (as they should be, look at them! lol)

I hope these tips have gotten your creative juices flowing on your ideas for your engagement session with bae. Remember your wedding will come up quick so enjoy your time engaged together and have fun on your engagement session. That’s what it’s all about besties!



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