be weird, be you!

for non-traditional funky-free spirted souls

for non-traditional funky-free spirted souls

colorado elopement photographer

Time to do things your way baby! I've been waiting for ya!

I’m here for the engaged love birds that want to showcase their love for how they feel and not by society's standards. This is for: the couch potatoes who love a good Breaking Bad binge weekend with popcorn, the nature lover who longs for the outdoors, the baddies who don't care for the model-like photos and just want to feel comfy and happy. Whatever your vibe is, your story is a HUGE priority to me and I want to make sure I’m doing it damn justice by incorporating your weird authentic self into your wedding/elopement day. Have adventures on your mind and crazy plans to bring your dream day of eloping in Colorado to life? I'm all ears; I'm here to listen to your ideas and everything in between. You’ll soon learn with me by your side that your wedding day isn’t just one big photo op; it's like a massive hangout session with your partner, where the joy, the giggles, and the love are all in the spotlight.

Let's just lay it out straight - Your elopement is an absolute freaking masterpiece in the making! If you’re a couple who dances to the beat of their own drum then I'm here, geared up and totally stoked to turn your moments into memories that'll make your heart do a happy dance.

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Meet your Colorado Wedding and Elopement Photographer: The ride-or-die bestie you didn't know you needed.

Hey boo, I'm Erica (she/her/they), your go-to non-traditional vibe photographer, dedicated to capturing the essence of funky, free-spirited souls who crave to be seen, understood, and celebrated for simply being themselves. If you're after a laidback yet outgoing experience, and you're on the hunt for an elopement photographer to steer you through the journey of eloping in Colorado then babes, you're in the right place.

I'm not just here to snap photos; I'm your newfound partner-in-crime, your confidante in all things eloping-in Colorado, through the wedding planning madness I'll be your personal hype woman, gassing you up as we go. Picture me as the one who'll be there to freeze those candid, unplanned moments that make your love story uniquely yours. I'm not just a photographer; I'm on a mission to be the person you feel like you've known forever.


She does absolutely stunning work and she has the most wonderful and comforting personality! 

For us, Erica was the ONLY option! I hate taking photos (and our elopement was the first time we ever took professional photos) and she was so good at directing us as well as making sure we were enjoying our time. Also, she provided us with sooo many suggestions while traveling and gave us an awesome elopement checklist to follow leading up to the big day. Additionally, she was very accommodating to our dogs being with us and included them in the best way, even when one of our goofballs was a little too excited to be there. If you want to feel like your bff is taking your pictures, look no further! She’s the best of the best

Courtney + Dylan 

Can I give more than 5 stars? Erica is family for us. She has been a part of our story since our elopement. 

When she got there I was freaking out due to a last minute problem and she was a friend to me, she talked to me, made me laugh and forget about the problem and enjoy the moment. She captured all the emotions that were going on when I had my first look with my bridesmaids and my parents through FaceTime. She set up the best spot for our first look. If you are looking for someone to be JUST a photographer, Erica is not for you. Because she will be MORE than that. She will take care of you, be your friend, email or text you asking if you need anything and have fun with you. 

Katy + James

When Erica and I finally met in person it felt like I had known her for forever and we just clicked right away.

From day 1 Erica was so easy to work with and flexible, we knew after our first video call with her that she was the photographer we wanted to work with. Finally our wedding day came and Erica was so professional and fun all at the same time, we unfortunately had rain the entire day of the wedding and Erica worked around it and still got the most beautiful and amazing shots, you couldn't even tell it was down pouring! After our time had ended with her she stayed and had fun with us and our guest at our ceremony, which just added to our experience with her! When we got our pictures back I was in tears looking at them, I have never felt so beautiful! The colors were STUNNING, and the pictures were to die for, there wasn't a bad shot in sight!

Kelcie + Conner

This chick is so sweet and fun to work with (and obviously mega talented, but the photos speak for themselves!!)"

 My fiancé and I wanted a cool Colorado vibe with our engagement photos, and she DELIVERED. I asked for some suggestions for a mountainous terrain, and she sent over a dozen options with links to her photos previously shot at the locations so we could see what it would actually look like and felt confident we made the right choice on where to do the shoot. We laughed a lot, and Erica prompted us with questions / things to tell one another to get our genuine reactions, smiles, giggles and all the sorts caught on camera. Erica lets you determine the vibe and shots that you want to capture if you have any ideas in particular.  Erica helped guide us through the process and made it SO SO easy for us - and we got AMAZING photos at the end!! 

Callie + Alex

Communication is my middle name, and I'm all about building that connection with you.

I'll be chatting often, providing resources, and helping you navigate the chaos so that your badass dream day of eloping in Colorado becomes a vivid reality. I thrive on bringing out your true personality in your wedding photos, steering clear of the posed and embracing the authentic. Whether you're envisioning a chill elopement day with a picnic and jamming out to your favorite EDM artists or making a pit stop for shots at a mountain dive bar on your wedding day, count me the heck in! I'm ready to be by your side, cheering you on (and maybe taking a shot or two with ya).

I’m ready for you to make my elopement planning a freakin’ breeze. →

How I go above and beyond, 

let's face it, it's not just about the photos — it’s about the best fucking day ever with your boo.

Zero Anxiety Zone

Leave the anxiety at the door because we've got this. Planning services and organization guides are all part of the package, ensuring you see the full picture and feel that sweet sense of relief.

Local Adventure Tips

Want to explore the area like a local? I've got your back with a curated list of must-dos to make your time here unforgettable. I can recommend all the best places to eat, drink and everything you MUST see!

Marriage License 411

Navigating the crazy maze of marriage licenses is no easy feat, but fear not. I've got the inside scoop and will guide you through the process, making it smooth sailing and headache free.

Planning Calls Galore

Consider planning calls our jam. I'm here to help with logistics, making sure every detail is covered, and crafting the ideal itinerary for your day. Let's chat and make sure everything is just right.

Location Magic: 

Let me be your tour guide and planner extraordinaire. Whether it's helping you pick the perfect spot, scouting locations like a pro, or diving into a heap of research, I'm on it. Together, we'll discover the backdrop that's tailor-made for your day.

Your Pace, Your Way

If you don't hike and can care less about walking, I get it. I'll help you find the place that requires zero steps on your Apple Watch, say less. Because exercise ain't for everyone and that's cool but that doesn't mean you should miss out on the views!

your day your way!



Your day is fucking important, and I'm here to make it nothing short of incredible — think of me as your ultimate companion for all things eloping in Colorado

I'm genuinely eager to hear all about your adventures and the intricate plans you have for bringing your vision to life on your special day. If you're up for having your new BFF on speed dial, someone to assist with wedding planning, a third wheel, and a hype woman all rolled into one, then consider me your go-to person. Communication and listening? That's my forte. I'm here to hold your hand through every step, ensuring you can kick back and enjoy the ride while I take care of the nitty-gritty details. If vibing to your favorite Dance Gavin Dance track, belting out lyrics with your partner is your idea of a perfect day, then you're in safe hands, my love. Picture this: windows down, mountain breeze flowing—because that's about to be your reality!